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Fires in Liguria: fire under control in the Savona area

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(ANSA) – VENTIMIGLIA, 10 AUG – The fire that burned 430 hectares of forest and Mediterranean scrub in the municipalities of Arnasco, Ortovero Cisano, Albenga and Villanova d’Albenga, has been defined as ‘under control’ Savonese. The night passed without criticality, despite the re-starts of small outbreaks that created plumes of smoke that led citizens to make calls to the firefighters. The fire that broke out two days ago in Varazze is also considered under control.

Drones are used on fires to promptly identify even small outbreaks on which to intervene promptly. At the stake of the Albenganese, which also destroyed olive groves and damaged vineyards and greenhouses and two apartments in Villanova d’Albenga, two teams of firefighters from Savona are at work together with the mobile columns arrived from Como, Cuneo and Turin: they are 55 men engaged in addition to fire fighting volunteers. A helicopter is expected to finally extinguish the fire and be able to start the reclamation, which will last for days. Meanwhile, there is controversy over the intervention of the canadians of the past few days: the leader of the League in the regional council Stefano Mai, reports delays of six hours.

Spontaneously in the western part of the region, the front of the forest fire that for some days has affected the heights of Airole (Imperia) and Monte Pozzo, in Val Roya, in the immediate hinterland of Ventimiglia, has widened. In the morning, nine reinforcement brigades from Alexandria are expected to arrive.

The intervention of two Canadair and two helicopters is also expected. The fire affects an inaccessible area that cannot be reached by rescue vehicles on the ground.

At the Center, however, last night the fire resumed in Ne (Genoa), on the ridge between Terisso and Castagnola, this is also an impervious area. Two fire brigade teams on site and an aircraft is expected to intervene here as well. (HANDLE).

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