Trapper feud: no house arrest for Simba La Rue

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(ANSA) – MILAN, AUG 11 – The Milan investigating judge Guido Salvini has rejected the request for house arrest for Simba La Rue, the 20-year-old rapper arrested with three other young people as part of the investigation by the Milan prosecutor Francesca Crupi on a alleged ‘feud’ between rival groups of trappers. The judge, however, confirmed the authorization to transfer the twenty-year-old “as soon as possible” to the San Gerardo hospital in Monza, where he will have to undergo surgery for the consequences of the attack, in recent weeks in Treviolo (Bergamo), where he is was stabbed.

On the part of Simba La Rue “no acceptance and availability has been received regarding a recovery program that would involve a detachment from the lifestyle assumed up to now”.

This was argued by the investigating judge Guido Salvini in the order with which he rejected the request for house arrest in the community for the rapper, arrested as part of an investigation by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office for an alleged feud between rival gangs of trappers. “The placement in the community could hardly interrupt the contacts between Saida and the environment in which the criminal facts have matured”, adds the judge, recalling that the same prosecutor, while expressing a favorable opinion on the defendants’ request, “underlined the ‘absolute importance of severing any contact between the suspect and the context in which the facts arose “. The investigating judge also speaks of the suspect’s “inability to self-control” and the lack of the “requirement of reliability”. The placement in the community can still be taken into consideration after the period in hospital, which will not be short. Wounded in an assault, he will have to undergo a delicate surgery to “try to recover as much as possible the nerve injury to the right lower limb”, as emerges from the medical-legal advice of Dr. Marco Scaglione. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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