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New disturbance arrives, thunderstorms also in August

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 11 – Possible thunderstorms in the next two days in the eastern Alps, in the north of Sardinia and on the middle and lower Tyrrhenian side; a possible unstable phase in mid-August in the Northwest, in the central Alpine sector, in Emilia and in Tuscany.

This, according to Meteo Expert meteorologists, is the probable meteorological scenario in the coming days. Tomorrow, in fact, they detect, a new vortex at high altitude associated with a core of cooler air (disturbance number 2 of the month) will face the Northeast and then slide Saturday along the peninsula, and in this movement it will renew conditions of instability. On the Sunday preceding August 15th, however, the pressure will increase with more sunny weather and rising temperatures in the Centronord. The rise in temperature will continue on most of the Centrosud also on Monday of August 15th – say the Meteorologists of Meteo Expert – with the return of intense heat in the Islands. The Northwest, the central Alpine sector, Emilia and Tuscany could instead be reached by an Atlantic perturbation with a possible unstable phase and a slight drop in the peaks.

Italy, the Meteorologists of Meteo Expert specify, continues to be affected by a cyclonic circulation at high altitude with northern currents flowing on the margins of the high pressure positioned between central Europe and the western Mediterranean. With this configuration, the air mass over our country remains somewhat unstable, with effects still present today between the lower Lazio, part of the South and the Islands, and the temperatures remain on summer values ​​but contained with peaks mostly below 32-34 degrees. (HANDLE).

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