Smallpox monkeys: WHO, 6,217 cases in the last week, + 19% (2)

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 11 – According to the bulletin, as of August 7, the ten countries that reported the highest cumulative number of cases globally are: United States (7,510), Spain (4,577), Germany (2,887) , United Kingdom (2,759), France (2,239), Brazil (1,721), the Netherlands (959), Canada (957), Portugal (710) and Italy (505). Together, these countries account for 89% of reported cases worldwide to date.

In the past seven days, 10 countries have reported their first case: Montenegro, Uruguay, Liberia, Sudan, Bolivia, Cyprus, Guadeloupe, Guatemala, Lithuania and Saint Martin. On the other hand, 14 countries have not reported new cases for over 21 days, the maximum incubation period of the disease. Over the past seven days, 42 countries have reported an increase in the weekly number of cases, with the highest increase recorded in Brazil.

The bulletin also shows that 99% of the people who contracted monkeypox are male and the average age of the cases reported is 36 years. Of the patients who reported sexual orientation information, 97% were identified as gay, bisexual, or male having sex with men.

As for the method of transmission, 91% of those who provided information (equal to 23% of total cases) stated that it took place through sexual encounters. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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