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Ukraine: Kristina dead, child saved from bombs

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Legambiente, 32% of coastal waters and lakes beyond the legal limits (ANSA)

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, AUGUST 12 – Little Kristina didn’t make it. The 5-year-old disabled girl had escaped the Russian bombs in April from Nova Kakhovka, 50 kilometers south of Cherson, in Ukraine, and was brought to Italy by the volunteers of Anas Sardegna with a daring crossing of Eastern Europe, together with her mother. Oxana and her 17-year-old brother. Then the taking charge by the doctors of the Sant’Orsola of Bologna, specialized in the therapy for people suffering from a very rare syndrome, that of Pallister-Killian (Pks).

A month and a half ago she was hospitalized following a neurological check-up: two days ago, shortly after being discharged, she died from the course of the disease. The news, anticipated by the Corriere di Bologna, was confirmed to ANSA by Samantha Carletti, president of the Pks Italia association.

Today the funeral with an Orthodox rite in San Basilio and the burial in the children’s camp at the Certosa cemetery in Bologna. Claudio Cugusi, president of the national department of civil protection of the Anas association, recalling the journey under the bombs and the self-denial of the volunteers, launches a warning against the war: “If nothing else, this little girl had a more dignified death than the horror of bombs “.

Kristina’s little body was also subjected to an autopsy to understand the exact cause of death, since the syndrome is multifaceted and affects not only the nervous system but also other organs. “Now we are taking steps to find a job for her mother, who is about 40 years old – says Carletti – even though she has already told us that staying here in Bologna is difficult for her: the memories linked to Kristina are too painful”.

In the meantime, the Pks association is about to fulfill a dream: in the autumn the second hospital in the world that takes care of patients affected by this syndrome should open in Bologna, after the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), an integral part of Pks Kids. It will be called Pks Clinic and a multidisciplinary medical team will work within it. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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