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Bad weather is afflicting southern Italy and central northern Italy

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In Stromboli the mud is shoveled off the streets (ANSA)

Intense rains, strong thunderstorms and incessant wind are scourging the South and the Center North:

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Bad weather in Sardinia, devastated agriculture, flooding in Cagliari – The bad weather that in the last few hours has hit South Sardinia with unusual violence has heavily damaged numerous farms, compromising the production of an already difficult year due to the disproportionate increase in the prices of energy and raw materials. The CIA Sardinia denounces it. “Fields of vegetables, olive groves, vineyards and greenhouses have been devastated by bad weather, yet another tile on Sardinian farmers – says Alessandro Vacca, Cia Sardinia regional director – In this condition there is more than ever the need to face with foresight and determination the effects that climate change produce on the island’s agricultural sector. We are now constantly witnessing and undergoing extreme climatic conditions that mark and weaken Sardinian agriculture which, despite the excellent quality of production, is heavily penalized by the many problems that afflict it. the reason is the need to bring the actions to protect and relaunch Sardinian agricultural production and farms back to the center of the island’s political discussion, also in relation to the changed climatic conditions with which we now regularly live together “. Over 80 requests for intervention to the fire brigade in the south of the island.

Thunderstorms in Messina, Stromboli invaded by mud. ‘Blame the fire for the fiction’ says the mayor – Very violent summer storm this morning in Messina and its province. In the northern area, flooded roads and landslides: 52mm of rain fell in a few minutes. Even in the Aeolian Islands the bad weather that hit the archipelago has given no respite from the night. Rivers of mud poured through the narrow streets of the island of Stromboli. The strong wind and water bombs have upset the Aeolian island due to several landslides and piles of debris that have deposited on the road. The mountain, devoid of vegetation, after the fire on 25 May last, and the rain that fell for several hours on the island, as well as on the rest of the archipelago, caused water and mud to fall in the town, which flooded homes and shops. and made the roads impassable, covered by at least one meter of mud. Large boulders also broke away from Stromboli and fell into the valley. These are the trees and plants destroyed after the terrible fire that took place at the end of May during the filming of the ‘Civil Protection Fiction’ which devastated the island for over 24 hours “, says the mayor of Lipari Riccardo Gullo. The regional civil protection has made it known that the incessant rains recorded during the night affected the whole Aeolian archipelago. “The biggest problems – explains the civil protection – were registered on the island, where mud and debris involved several houses and made traffic difficult along the narrow streets of the island. There are no problems in Ginostra, while in Lipari the port of Sottomonastero is flooded and in via Amendola rainwater has entered some houses and shops. There is no damage to people. “The director of the department, Salvo Cocina, from the early hours of dawn follows the evolution of the event through the operations room, constantly informing the President of the Musumeci Region and the Department of National Civil Protection. The whole civil protection system was activated. The carabinieri and the civil protection officer were present, while the Municipality of Lipari activated the bobcats for the removal of mud and the fire brigade teams of Lipari and Vulcano are reaching the island aboard a patrol boat of the Harbor Master’s Office.

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Heavy rain, damage to Sorrento. Still alert in Campania – More damage to Sorrento following heavy rains. At work to deal with the damage, teams of workers, technicians, urban and firefighters from Piano di Sorrento and the men of the Penisola Verde company. Interventions, including manholes torn up by heavy rain, were necessary in various locations in the municipal area. A weather alert for rains and thunderstorms with a yellow hydrogeological criticality level is currently in force in Campania. The notice is valid until 8pm today. The disturbance will still persist in the region.

Water bomb in the Tyrrhenian Reggio area, damage to Scilla. Ferries delayed – A water bomb hit the whole Tyrrhenian area of ​​Reggino this morning, where an intense rain fell accompanied by gusts of wind and hundreds of lightning and thunder. In Scilla the most difficult situation, where the Coc (Municipal Operational Center) was immediately set up to coordinate the interventions on the coast hit by an imposing mass of water that from the ridge overlooking the large marina has invaded the streets, dragging cars in the mud and debris. The streets have been overrun. Damage to some houses and on the waterfront. The wave of bad weather also affected other municipalities in the Tyrrhenian area such as Palmi. No injuries were reported, but the damage, as happens every summer in the presence of short but intense rainfall, is evident. In Reggio Calabria about twenty at the moment the interventions of the Fire Brigade for flooding and falling of tree branches on the roads. The Ionian area of ​​the province of Reggio Calabria, as reported by the firefighters of the provincial command, is affected only by a few gusts of wind and scattered rains without, at the moment, requests for help. The strong thunderstorms that have raged in the last hours on the Tyrrhenian belt of the province of Reggio Calabria have caused delays at the embarkations for Sicily from Villa San Giovanni where waiting times of about 2 hours are recorded.

Ukrainian ship with corn at anchor in Ravenna for bad weather – The cargo ship with 15 thousand tons of corn seeds from Ukraine is at anchor in Ravenna, about 5 miles from the entrance to the port. The arrival at the quay, where you will be able to carry out the commercial operations, is expected later than the initially scheduled time due to bad weather. At the dock in these hours there is another ship that is unloading a load of cereals but in Ravenna it is raining and operations have been temporarily suspended.

Source: Ansa

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