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Bad weather in the south, Stromboli and Scilla invaded by mud

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Bad weather does not loosen its grip on the southern areas of Italy. Beaches invaded by mud just on the eve of August 15th, with considerable damage not only for the residents but also for many tourists on vacation. In fact, very popular destinations have been hit in this period of summer, from the island of Stromboli to one of the pearls of Calabria, Scilla.

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It is an Italy, that of the weather, but split in two. Storms in the South and persistence of drought in the North. And in Imperia a procession with prayers was also organized to invoke the gift of rain. Among the areas most affected by bad weather is the island of Stromboli which has been invaded by mudslides due, according to the mayor Riccardo Gullo, to the lack of vegetation that had been destroyed by the fire during the filming of a fiction. Still damage in Sorrento following the heavy rains last night. In the same area, in the Gulf of Policastro, a whirlwind hit. In a few minutes very strong gusts of wind were registered on the beach with the consequent escape of frightened swimmers.

Water bomb in Regginowith gusts of wind. The most difficult situation is in Scilla. An imposing mass of water has in fact descended from the ridge overlooking the marine area and has invaded the streets, dragging cars and debris into the mud. The streets have been overrun and damage has been reported to some houses and along the waterfront. “The situation – said the president of the region Roberto Occhiuto – is complex but under control. The damage is considerable, but fortunately there are no people involved”. The strong thunderstorms, which hit the entire Tyrrhenian belt of the province of Reggio Calabria, also caused slowdowns at the embarkations for Sicily from Villa San Giovanni. Waiting times for the ferry have also reached two hours.

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Greenhouses destroyed, open field crops demolished: this is the bulletin of the storm that struck in southern Sardinia. Several farms in the Parteolla and Cagliari hinterland, in particular Assemini, have suffered heavy losses. Over eighty requests for intervention in the same area of ​​southern Sardinia arrived at the fire brigade operations center. Among the priorities are the rescue of people who have been stuck in their cars, the safety of roofs and the fall of trees that obstructed the roads. In Elmas, water infiltrations caused a roof to collapse and the building was immediately evacuated.

The situation for 13 August is not improving. In fact, thunderstorms are expected in the South on Saturday as well. The Civil Protection Department has issued a warning of adverse weather conditions. Sparse rainfall is expected, mainly downpour or thunderstorm, first in Lazio, Abruzzo, then in Campania, Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria. It is therefore yellow alert for Campania, Lazio, Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata, Molise, Abruzzo and part of Tuscany, Sardinia and Sicily. In the South the storms and in the North the fires. The number of hectares of wood and Mediterranean scrub burned in the Savona area varies between 450 and 500, between the municipalities of Albenga, Arnasco, Cisano sul Neva and Villanova dì Albenga. Still in Liguria, in Imperia, the fact that it hasn’t rained for eight months is worrying now and a hundred people took part in the penitential procession this morning organized by Don Alessandro Ferrua, parish priest of the basilica of San Giovanni.

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