Elections: many symbols deposited at the Interior Ministry

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 12 – Only in the morning the first ten symbols for the electoral race on 25 September were deposited at the Viminale. The first was the Italian Liberal Party, followed by the Maie (Italian Associative Movement Abroad), and the “pacifist” Catholic Holy Roman Empire. And again: La liga Veneta – list in support of President Zaia -; Libertas political movement (MPL); the ‘Italian National Union Party’. After a few hours, however, the first dispute has already arrived and concerns the Liberal Party: to deliver the symbol would have been a former member, Giulia Pantaleo. “The symbol is not the authentic one – says the president of the party, Francesco Pasquali, who later came to deposit the mark – the Party will immediately exercise every action, civil and criminal, to protect its name and its image”. It was then the turn of the third pole with the symbols of Action and Italia Viva with the name of the leader Calenda then ‘Noi di centro – Europeanisti’ by Clemente Mastella and the Lega – Salvini Premier. Among the symbols deposited also that of the Party of Creative Madness of Giuseppe Cirillo, alias Dr Seduction, already present in some administrative electoral rounds with the Party of Good Manners and that of Free, a group of civic committees, which depicts a man giving a football to Pinocchio. In the afternoon, among others, at the Viminale they presented their symbols Forza Italia and ‘Alternativa Italia-No green Pass’ by Mario Adinolfi and the former CasaPound Simone Di Stefano (ANSA).

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