Weather: weekend with latest rains, new heat wave Tuesday

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Weekend with the latest thunderstorms, while from August 15th the African anticyclone will advance and a new heat wave is coming from Tuesday. In recent days, a violent unstable phase has also been accentuated by the descent of a vortex from Ukraine with fresh air inside. In the next few hours, however, the vortex will move towards Albania and from this evening it will move out of Italy definitively. Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the site, indicates a marked improvement in weather conditions and the return to the real August Summer from tomorrow: Sunday will pass with full sun almost everywhere, except for the extreme southern regions where in the morning we will still have moments of uncertainty with clouds and local showers. For Ferragosto a disturbance will pass from central France to Switzerland and the Black Forest: during this journey it will also bring downpours to Northern Italy, at times even to Tuscany, Umbria and northern Marche. In summary, two thirds of Italians will enjoy good weather, the rest will see some thunderstorms but in a context of still acceptable temperatures.

Already on Tuesday, however, the meteorologist warns, the sixth African heat wave will arrive with a more decisive interest in the Center-South: we will again touch values ​​close to 37-38 ° C but with a higher humidity rate. At the moment, he explains, the duration of this sixth wave seems rather short, with the return to less suffocating temperatures already on the weekend 20-21 August. Since May 10, five sea heat waves have caused a dizzying increase in temperatures in the Mediterranean with values ​​of even 5-6 ° C above average: the Mare Nostrum has warmed up to 29-30 ° C, like the Caribbean Sea or the Red Sea.

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