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The tunnel of the band of the hole collapses, the wounded remains hospitalized

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The conditions of the 34-year-old Roman rescued two days ago after he was stuck in a tunnel in via Innocenzo XI, in Rome, at a depth of about six meters do not improve. Some complications have arisen that have required the man’s hospitalization to be extended to the San Camillo hospital in Rome. The man, who is not guarded, would not be in danger of life anyway.

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On the story of thieves there are investigations underway and the suspicion is that the man may be part of a gang of the hole that was preparing a shot for August 15th: in fact, not far from the excavation site there are two banks. Two people, Antonio Pinto and Mario Mazza, stopped by the carabinieri who arrived to help the 34-year-old will face a trial for resistance on December 20: in the rite for direct line the investigating judge has in fact validated the arrest but has not applied the precautionary measure. Two other people were instead deferred for collapse and negligent damage.

Firefighters at work

The reconstruction of the fact
A film shot that risked turning into tragedy the one attempted by the alleged gang a stone’s throw from the Vatican. A blow apparently planned in the smallest details, taking advantage of a Rome empty of holidays, started from a vacant place from where the excavation of the tunnel had begun which, presumably, should have led them to the vault of one of the two nearby banks. A few hundred meters underground to score the mid-August coup. But something went wrong and it was a flop: in the middle of the excavations a piece of asphalt came down and blocked one of the thieves at a depth of about 6-7 meters.

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“Help, please free me”, the desperate appeal of the man to the rescuers who arrived on the spot with special units to try to save his life. After eight hours, the firefighters managed to bring the man to the surface amid the applause of the many people who had crowded together to follow the delicate phases of recovery. The three accomplices, on the other hand, managed to save themselves from the collapse but were blocked by the carabinieri: all with specific precedents such as theft have already been heard by the military and now their positions are being examined.

It all started on Thursday morning. At 112, a phone call arrives that raises the alarm: some people would have been stuck in a tunnel in via Innocenzo XI, one of the crossroads of the more famous Gregory VII, not far from St. Peter’s Basilica. The firefighters also intervene on the spot with the help of the special forces and soon identify the exact point of the collapse, in front of a vacant shop. From under the asphalt comes the voice of a single person asking for help. The rescuers get to work by intervening with a bulldozer to open a parallel tunnel in order to reach the man who is buried alive in the rubble.

According to initial investigations, it is likely that another member of the gang made the call, perhaps one of the three stopped by the carabinieri while wandering in the area of ​​the shot. The accomplices, all Italians with precedents, had fled, but were blocked by the carabinieri not far from the place of the collapse. Taken to the Trastevere barracks, they were interrogated for hours.

Slash the tunnel of the hole gang, rescued the framed thief

Source: Ansa

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