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    Migrants: five landings in the Crotone area, 400 arrived

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    (ANSA) – CROTONE, AUGUST 13 – The exodus of migrants to the Calabrian coasts does not stop. In 24 hours, about 400 people disembarked at the port of Crotone following five different incidents that took place between last night and today.

    During the night 89 refugees, mostly from Afghanistan, arrived at the port of Crotone, disembarked by a naval unit of the Guardia di Finanza. From the morning on the other hand, also thanks to the good weather conditions, it was a succession of events that kept the police busy until the late afternoon. Four boats were intercepted off the coast of Crotone. On two occasions, in the early hours of the morning, the migrants were transhipped onto a unit of the Crotone harbor master’s office which then brought about 200 people to the port. people on board (also disembarked at the port), while in the afternoon it was a Romanian patrol boat operating under the Frontex system to rescue about 100 people and bring them to Crotone.

    Overall, according to data from the immigration office of the Crotone Police Headquarters which proceeded with the identification of migrants, 660 people arrived in Calabria in a day and a half (289 Friday and 371 Saturday), almost all from Afghanistan, Iran and partly from Syria and Egypt. From the first testimonies collected, the migrants would have left the Turkish coasts between 7 and 8 August. All landing operations were coordinated by the Prefecture of Crotone. The refugees were taken to the reception center of Isola Capo Rizzuto by the Italian Red Cross of Crotone.


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    Source: Ansa

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