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    Why leave the dog, little covid effect

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    France, heavy traffic for the August 15th weekend (ANSA)

    Difficulty in maintaining, death of the owner, news in the family (the arrival of a child): these are some of the answers provided to the ENPA in a survey of 220 local sections of the association on the reasons for which Italians eventually give up their own dogs, that is, they entrust them to others or to structures. A similar survey is clearly not possible for those who abandon animals and certainly do not tell about it. But what is the effect of the ‘adoption’ boom during the pandemic? In reality scarce because almost half of the dogs had been at home for 2-5 years (44%) and a consitent share (23%) for over 5 years.

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    Here are the reasons collected by the ENPA

    DEATH OWNER – From the survey it emerged that among the main causes of the sale last year: 62% of the Sections indicate the death of the elderly owners and no relatives willing to take care of the animal, 53% indicate the hospitalization of the owners as the cause – AGGRESSIVENESS ‘: A very high figure, 53% of the Sections report transfers due to the aggression of the animal. Where due to aggression, however, in some cases, small lesions such as scratches or bruises are also included, which are enough to justify the removal of the animal. In this case the heat is certainly not helping (statistically it favors the increase of aggression in animals).

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    NEW FAMILY ROUTINE: One of the causes indicated is also the adaptation to new family routines that bring stress to humans and animals.

    ECONOMIC CRISIS: The economic crisis also affects the sale of animals, reported by 45% of the sections, and, again, the animal is given away for the arrival of a child in the family (33%). There is also the change in post-covid habits, and therefore the return to work and city transfers. (Multiple choice question).

    TRUSTED AT HOME FOR HOW LONG? How long have the dogs been sold in the family? Were they animals caught during the lockdown? The interesting thing is that as many as 44% are dogs that have been in the family for 2-5 years, so they weren’t taken during the pandemic to have company, go for walks or whatever.

    DOGS SOLD IN THE HOUSE FOR 5 YEARS: It is also significant that 23% of the dogs sold were over 5 years old, probably those related to the death or illness of the owner. On the other hand, 24% had arrived for a year or less, therefore in full pandemic crisis. Certainly the return to normality but also the adoptions via the internet did not help. You continue to choose a pet as if it were a bag, choosing it based on an online photo without considering the compatibility of the animal’s personality with family routines. (

    Source: Ansa

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