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Bad weather: hail destroys greenhouses in southern Sardinia

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France, heavy traffic for the August 15th weekend (ANSA)

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 12 AUG – Greenhouses destroyed, crops in the open field demolished. It is the bulletin of the storm that suddenly materialized yesterday afternoon in southern Sardinia.

Several farms in the Parteolla and hinterland of Cagliari, in particular Assemini, had to surrender to bad weather in a few minutes, suffering heavy losses.

The hailstones and the strong wind turned into real bullets that shattered the greenhouses of Assemini, uncovering them. And they literally destroyed fields of vegetables in the Parteolla area (courgettes, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes) as well as some vineyards: the grapes now ready for harvest were scourged especially those of Vermentino, Chardonnay and Monica.

“On the day after we can only collect the pieces and start yet another damage count – explains Coldiretti – In greenhouses it is a question of quantifying the losses while for field crops it is necessary to wait a few days to get a more precise picture of the damage” .

“Unfortunately, it is a film that has already been seen and which we are witnessing more and more often and continuously – says Giorgio Demurtas, the provincial president of Coldiretti Cagliari -. Climate change is conditioning and dictating the timing of agriculture. The climate is tropicalizing and tropicalizing. he is getting used to extreme events. It would be normal to request a state of natural disaster but seeing when it happened in recent years because of the bureaucracy it seems only waste of time. of 2018 “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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