Ponte: Possetti, there is no change. Giovannini: there is and great

Young man attacked in Crotone, Mihajlovic:

(ANSA) – GENOA, AUGUST 14 – “These have been four years of pain, hope and illusion, but we have never experienced pride and the perception of change”. This was stated by Egle Possetti, president of the Remembrance Committee of the Morandi victims, during the commemoration of the tragedy on the day of the fourth anniversary. “We hoped that after this immense shame a sense of revenge could emerge, but looking around we did not perceive any tremors, no upheavals. revocation of the concession were the only way to go, no restyling of the company will ever cancel what has happened. And the media should have been inclement with Autostrade as they were with Marco Pantani who was certainly not granted the benefit of the doubt ” .

Before her spoke the Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini who instead supported the turning point right after the tragedy: “The indelible memory of this misfortune has led the ministry to undertake an important and I hope lasting change in its action. infrastructures a concrete choice by strengthening the supervision of its maintenance, defining other guidelines making the controls increasingly strict on the dealers and managers so that the necessary interventions are carried out promptly even at the price of temporary inconvenience for users. a motorway concession by reviewing unbalanced regimes to the detriment of public interests. We have increased public resources for the monitoring and maintenance of secondary roads for too many years neglected also due to lack of funds “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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