Wind and sea at 40 knots in South Sardinia, 2 boats aground

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(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, AUGUST 16 – A seven-meter half-boy and a 15-meter sailboat ran aground last night on the coast of Maracalagonis, respectively in Baccu Mandara and Cannesisa. The occupant of the sailboat who swam the coast was unharmed.

The alarm went off around 11pm when the residents saw the two boats a few tens of meters from the coast.

The Coast Guard immediately sent the patrol boats to the scene and requested the intervention of the fire brigade divers to check for the presence of people on board. The half-cabin had been left out, but the current had pushed it ashore and ran aground. In the second case, however, the sailboat, after it ran aground, was abandoned by those at the helm who reached the coast alone.

Due to the wind blowing at over 20 knots, about 40 kilometers per hour, the boat tilted and began to take on water. Today the owner will have to remove it, while the half cabin has already been moved. At the moment there is no form of pollution. (HANDLE).

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