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    Weather: still hot in the South, Atlantic disturbance in the North

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    Piero Angela, Gualtieri:

    After mid-August, a week is being prepared that will see Italy still divided: while in the South a return of the African anticyclone is expected, with high temperatures, the northern regions are preparing for the arrival of an Atlantic disturbance starting from the afternoon of Wednesday 17 August. This is indicated by the forecasts of the meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici, of the site iLMeteo.it.
    From Thursday 18 “violent storms are expected in the North that will move eastward from the West in the evening and at night and that may also reach Tuscany. The phenomena may be very strong and be accompanied by hailstorms and sudden gusts of wind”. Local storms are not excluded.
    Meanwhile, in the southern and central regions, the African anticyclone will bring hot air and high temperatures.
    Peaks of 42-43 degrees are expected in inland areas of Sicily, in Sardinia and Puglia up to 40-41 degrees are expected, over 34-35 degrees in Lazio, Marche and Campania.
    The return to normal weather conditions throughout Italy is expected at the weekend: “after the passage of the disturbance – observes the meteorologist – the winds will blow from the Mistral, ready to mitigate the climate in all regions and make us live the weekend of 20 and 21 August mostly sunny and with acceptable heat “.
    IN DETAIL: Tuesday 16th. In the north: mostly sunny day. In the center: prevailing and hot sun. In the south: sun and heat gradually more intense.
    Wednesday 17. In the north: worsens in the Northwest with thunderstorms, sun and heat elsewhere. In the center: prevailing sun and hot, intense in Sardinia and Lazio. In the south: sun and widespread heat.
    Thursday 18. In the north: intense storms. Middle: it gets worse in Tuscany with thunderstorms, lots of clouds elsewhere.
    South: sun and intense heat everywhere.
    Trend. From Friday still thunderstorms on the Alps, Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, sunny weekend.

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    Source: Ansa

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