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Whirlwind in Salento, swimmers on the run And uprooted trees

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Madonna celebrates her and her son's birthday in Sicily (ANSA)

Tornado and stampede of bathers in Salento on the coast of the marinas of Melendugno between Roca, Torre Sant’Andrea, Torre dell’Orso and San Foca.

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The wind uprooted some trees, ripped off road signs, damaged the outdoor areas of some rooms and the light poles, one of which fell on a car. There would be no injuries.

Bad weather also hit the Lazio coast last night. TO Sabaudia there was a violent whirlwind

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The consequences of bad weather in Sabaudia

Roofs of houses almost uncovered, fallen trees, cornices finished on parked cars a Osilo, in the Sassari area.

Around 1.30 am the whole area, from Valledoria to Osilo, was affected by thunderstorms and water bombs. In some centers the streets and basements were flooded, but the most serious problems were recorded in Osilo where the rain was accompanied by a whirlwind.

“This morning we are carrying out a detailed survey – the mayor, Giovanni Ligios underlines to ANSA – the whirlwind caused a lot of damage especially in the central part of the country, but fortunately no one was injured”. In particular, the fury of the wind tore branches and made trees fall on the road – one of these even blocked access to the village and was immediately cut and removed -, the roofs of some houses were uncovered, tiles and cornices ended up on the cars , damaging them. “We are working with the Technical Office, the Civil Protection and the Barracellar Company to cordon off some areas – says the mayor – some roads have been closed to traffic by the fire brigade”


Water damage, static instability, unsafe trees and branches, emptying of flooded basements: these are the interventions of the firefighters in Florence and in the surrounding area, all of a minor nature and without risk to public and private safety, after the storm of the mid-August night. 240 requests for intervention from 112 Nue reached the fire brigade operations room. The area most affected, they confirm, is that of Bagno a Ripoli, south of Florence, where the COC of civil protection remains open from the night. Special observation on the flood wave of the Ema river, also monitored by the regional functional center, also watched by volunteer staff. The rescue device implemented by the fire brigade made available ordinary teams, divers, personnel specialized in aquatic rescue and river personnel. The firefighters specify that “there have been no requests for help from a person at risk of life, or even in difficulty”. Reinforcements were concentrated on Florence by command teams from Prato, Arezzo, Siena and Livorno. This morning 62 requests for intervention were being processed, of which 28 in Bagno a Ripoli and 10 in Florence, the others in the Florentine Chianti, in Greve and Impruneta, five on the opposite side of the province in Cerreto Guidi.


After mid-August, a week is being prepared that will see Italy still divided: while in the South a return of the African anticyclone is expected, with high temperatures, the northern regions are preparing for the arrival of an Atlantic disturbance starting from the afternoon of Wednesday 17 August. This is indicated by the forecasts of the meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici, of the site iLMeteo.it.
From Thursday 18 “violent storms are expected in the North that will move eastward from the West in the evening and at night and that may also reach Tuscany. The phenomena may be very strong and be accompanied by hailstorms and sudden gusts of wind”. Local storms are not excluded.
Meanwhile, in the southern and central regions, the African anticyclone will bring hot air and high temperatures.
Peaks of 42-43 degrees are expected in inland areas of Sicily, in Sardinia and Puglia up to 40-41 degrees are expected, over 34-35 degrees in Lazio, Marche and Campania.
The return to normal weather conditions throughout Italy is expected at the weekend: “after the passage of the disturbance – observes the meteorologist – the winds will blow from the Mistral, ready to mitigate the climate in all regions and make us live the weekend of 20 and 21 August mostly sunny and with acceptable heat “.


Tuesday 16. In the north: mostly sunny day. In the center: prevailing and hot sun. In the south: sun and heat gradually more intense.

Wednesday 17. In the north: worsens in the Northwest with thunderstorms, sun and heat elsewhere. In the center: prevailing sun and hot, intense in Sardinia and Lazio. In the south: sun and widespread heat.

Thursday 18. In the north: intense storms. Middle: it gets worse in Tuscany with thunderstorms, lots of clouds elsewhere.

South: sun and intense heat everywhere.

Trend. From Friday still thunderstorms on the Alps, Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, sunny weekend.

On August 18, the yellow stickers (11) and the orange ones (6), even if the stamp emergency red is currently only expected in Palermo. This is what emerges from the heat wave bulletin of the Ministry of Health. On Thursday the orange sticker (which indicates possible health risks, especially for frail people) is expected in Bari, Campobasso, Catania, Perugia, Rieti Rome. Green (weather conditions that do not involve health risks) should instead remain Verona, Venice, Trieste, Turin, Pescara, Milan, Genoa, Brescia and Bolzano. The situation appears, for the moment, still far from the heat wave that swept the country until the beginning of August: on August 6, for example, among the 27 cities monitored there were 16 red, 1 orange and 10 yellow. At the same time, however, it also significantly deviates from the situation recorded in recent days: between 12 and 14 August almost all of the 27 cities monitored were in the green label. In those days Cagliari was the only city that never went below the yellow pre-alert level.

Source: Ansa

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