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    Migrants: boat identified with 490 on board, 240 in Calabria

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    Estonia, the government has all Soviet-era monuments removed (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – ROCCELLA IONICA, 16 AUG – Maxi landing of migrants, tonight, in the port of Roccella. Following two rescue operations at sea carried out by the soldiers of the Roccella Coast Guard, about 240 migrants arrived at the Roccellese seaport. Among the refugees, of various nationalities, several families and unaccompanied minors. Before being transferred to the Coast Guard patrol boats, the migrants were about 50 miles away from the Calabrian coast aboard an old fishing boat that left Libya about 5 days ago, along with 250 other refugees. The latter were taken to Messina. In Roccella, on the other hand, the approximately 240 refugees after disembarking were subjected to the anticovid molecular swab test and subsequently placed temporarily, again in the Port, in a tensile structure managed by volunteers from the Red Cross and Civil Protection.


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    Source: Ansa

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