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    Young man attacked in Crotone: mother, stop silence, intervene

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    Estonia, the government has all Soviet-era monuments removed (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – CATANZARO, 16 AUG – “I want to tell the citizens of Crotone to report. To be less conspiratorial, to intervene immediately when such serious episodes occur. Not to stand by. To act, not to wait for the worst, because in this city the dead are expected: it has always been a city like this, ever since I was a child “. This was said by Giusy Orlando, the mother of Davide Ferrerio, the 20-year-old attacked on August 12 in the center of Crotone, participating tonight in the torchlight procession promoted to say “Crotone says no to violence” as it was written on a banner.

    “I – added the woman – I cry to the world and to you Crotone people whose trust I have lost a little. But now you are many here, many have come for my son and I thank you, because you are supporting me. But you had to. also support my son that evening, when it was 8.45 pm, in the center. And no one did. He was seen running, with one running after him. And no one said: Hey, stop! “. My son wouldn’t be in a coma “.

    Tonight’s initiative was attended by a thousand people and many mayors of the province who marched through the city streets to express the solidarity of the city and the territory to Davide. A spontaneous initiative born from the awareness of demonstrating that Crotone repudiates violence and to say that the city is not conspiratorial – the attacker was arrested thanks also to some testimonies – and embraces the family of the Bolognese boy whose mother is of Crotone origin.

    “I thank everyone for the proximity of the city of Crotone which fills me with hope – said Massimiliano Ferrerio, Davide’s father -. Now I am living a nightmare. I cannot conceive it. Those who know Davide cannot believe that this has happened to him who is kindness in person. I think it was a cursed circumstance. Thanks to the citizens of Crotone this embrace gives strength to Davide “.

    The boy is in a pharmacological coma at the Pugliese-Ciaccio hospital in Catanzaro. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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