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Weather: storms in the Center-North and 45 ° C in the South

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 17 – Italy divided in two in the next few hours between bad weather and the sixth African heat wave. Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, confirms 45 ° C in Sicily and storms in the North with the peak of intense phenomena and African temperatures between Thursday 18 and Friday 19 August. The storm phenomena are expected from the afternoon to start from the North-West, gradually moving towards the rest of the north tomorrow when part of the Center will also be affected, in particular Tuscany, Umbria and locally Marche and Lazio.

In the South, with the sixth African heat wave, we will even reach 45 ° C in the shade in Sicily, an exceptional value considering that we are almost at the end of summer.

Precipitation in the North will also be associated with a significant drop in temperatures, especially from tomorrow, gusts of wind, storms and hail. The bad weather will also affect the Center with the same characteristics between Thursday and Friday, while in the South the temperatures will drop from the weekend but no significant storms or rains are expected.

In detail: – Wednesday 17th. In the north: worse in the Northwest with thunderstorms, sunny and hot elsewhere. In the Center: prevailing sun and hot, intense in Sardinia and Lazio. In the South: sun and widespread heat.

– Thursday 18. In the North: intense storms. In the Center: it gets worse in Tuscany and in the Apennines with thunderstorms, many clouds elsewhere. In the South: sun and intense heat everywhere.

– Friday 19. In the North: still bad weather. In the Center: scattered thunderstorms, even intense ones. In the South: local storms in Puglia and the lower Tyrrhenian, the heat subsides.

Trend. Sunny weekend with pleasant temperatures (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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