Italian fighter: ‘I’m not a mercenary, I fight for the Ukrainian armed forces’

“I am not a mercenary. I am a regular military man who is fighting for democracy. Ever since I came to Ukraine, I have joined the ranks of the International Legion, which is fully integrated within the Ukrainian Army. I am therefore serving under the Ukrainian Armed Forces and consequently I am a legitimate fighter under the Geneva Convention. I have heard that an investigation has been launched against me, in which someone claims that I am a mercenary. This interpretation is contrary to International Law. It would be a scandal to be prosecuted under these circumstances which are totally within the law “. This is what Kevin Chiappalone claims, the 19-year-old Genoese student enrolled in Ukraine and investigated by the Genoa prosecutor’s office because he was considered a mercenary, in a message entrusted to Giulia Schiff, another Italian fighter in Ukraine.

Source: Ansa

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