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Trapper feud: Simba La Rue, still unscheduled operation

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(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 17 – “After 7 days from the order for the transfer to the hospital, where he is to be operated on, the prisoner is still in San Vittore”: this is what Niccolò Vecchioni, the lawyer of the trapper Simba Lu Rue, denounces that, as a result of the stabbing suffered in Treviolo, in the Bergamo area, “he suffered a double injury to the femoral nerve, as certified by the court-appointed expert, who ascertained his incompatibility with prison”.

“I made a reminder to the prison so that – says the lawyer – it guarantees the transfer”, because “the situation is worrying”. After the stabbing, “my client had an aneurysm and was hospitalized when he was taken to jail. His hamstring was severed in two places and he needs neurosurgery for a recovery in terms of walking. He’s in prison. for two and a half weeks and it’s okay that there was mid-August, but here is the leg of a twenty-year-old, who risks losing its use “. But at the moment, he concludes, “there is still no fixed date for the intervention”.

Simba La Rue, stage name of Mohamed Lamine Saida, was arrested with three other young people in an investigation into an alleged feud between trappers, studded with assaults culminating in a kidnapping, the one that took place on June 16 against the ‘ rival ‘Mohamed Amine Amagour, called Baby Touche’. On 11 August, the investigating judge of Milan Guido Salvini decided that Simba La Rue can leave prison and go to the hospital for treatment to “try to recover as much as possible the nerve injury affecting the right lower limb”, as emerges from the medical-legal advice from Dr. Marco Scaglione. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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