Weather: storms in the Center-North for 36 hours, then good weather returns

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 18 – In the South 43 ° C, while storms are expected in the Center-North with the good weather returning over the weekend. Andrea Garbinato, editor of the website, notes that “the fragility of our country, together with climate change, makes the weather alert for the next 36 hours even more extreme”. A situation in which factors such as the warm sea, with water temperatures of 30 ° C are combined, providing heat, humidity and energy to the storm cells; the soils hit by heat waves and drought, which are more and more frequent, do not allow a good infiltration of rainwater; and 94% of Italian municipalities that are at risk of landslides, floods or coastal erosion.

“Nonetheless – Garbinato points out – politics is not taking the necessary steps to tackle climate change worldwide and floods have become more and more frequent in Italy as well”. Only from the beginning of August, do we remember those of Trentino Alto Adige (5 August), of Monteforte Irpino (9 August), of Stromboli (12 August) and that of Ferragosto in the southern area of ​​Florence. In the next few hours, the most intense phenomena will slowly move eastwards, from the north-western Italian sector towards the rest of the north and Tuscany; later the instability will also reach the rest of the Center while in the South, after the 40-41 ° C already recorded, we will be able to see a further surge of the thermometer: peaks of 43 ° C are expected in the shade in Sicily.

IN DETAIL – Thursday 18th. In the North: intense storms. In the Center: it gets worse in Tuscany and in the Apennines with thunderstorms, many clouds elsewhere. In the South: sun and intense heat everywhere.

– Friday 19. In the North: still bad weather. In the Center: scattered thunderstorms, even intense ones. In the South: local storms in Puglia and the lower Tyrrhenian, the heat subsides.

– Saturday 20. In the North: good weather except for local thickening in the North-East. In the Center: good weather. In the South: afternoon thunderstorms over Calabria and locally Sicily.

Trend. Sunday good weather except for a few isolated showers of heat on the Apennines, from Monday the Anticyclone of the Azores will recover in the Center-North, moments of instability in the South. (ANSA).

Source: Ansa

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