Climate: activists blitz at Vatican museums, “glued” to Laocoon

Finland: video of Sanna Marin unleashed, controversy (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 18 – New blitz by the Last Generation activists who today ‘glued’ themselves to the base of the statue of Laocoon inside the Vatican museums, displaying a banner that reads “no gas and no coal”. The action, conducted by two of them, was immortalized by mobile phones to the amazement of tourists and visitors. “Like Laocoon, scientists and activists are the witnesses who try to warn those around them about the consequences that today’s actions will have on the future – explains the collective in a note -. Like Laocoon, scientists and activists are not listened to or, worse, they are silenced by politics, more interested in defending the privileges of a minority than in providing for the good of the community “.

“The statue – explains Laura, one of the activists protagonist of the blitz on the Vatican museums – recalls the sad fate that the Greek priest met in an attempt to save himself, his children and all citizens. In our movement there are parents, there are they are children, united by the desire to push the world of politics to make the right choices to stem climate change before it is too late “. The movement also made an appointment for 21 August at 4 pm at the Parco delle Energie in Rome to discuss climate and environment. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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