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Father tries to save son, both killed by train

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The EU grows slowly, Italy runs and doubles France (ANSA)

(ANSA) – SENIGALLIA, AUG 18 – The 63-year-old father was trying to save his 26-year-old son who had climbed over a wall and was positioned on the tracks, just north of the Senigallia station (Ancona), after a quarrel with his parents, when a southbound freight train arrived and overwhelmed and killed them both. This would be, also on the basis of the testimonies collected by the investigators, the dynamics of the double fatal investment that took place on the railway line last night at around 9 pm. The victims are Umbrian from the province of Perugia: the father resided in Valfabrica and the son, resident instead in the capital. Umbrian with his mother. The woman, also in Senigallia with her husband and son, was not present at the time of the tragedy.

The railway police heard several people informed of the facts, including the mother and the train drivers of the rotten convoy, coming from Bologna, which could not avoid the impact.

According to information gathered by the police, there had been a quarrel between the parents and the 26-year-old, struggling with psychological problems, perhaps due to an unanswered request from the young man. At that point the boy would leave the residence and his father would go after him to prevent any rash acts; the 26-year-old would have climbed over the wall that separates the road and the railway, entering the FS line and his father would have much to reach him to stop him, not realizing that the train that overwhelmed both of them was on its way. The railway line (the train is under seizure) remained suspended in the Senigallia-Marotta section for over three hours; the south track was reactivated before one o’clock and after a couple of hours traffic resumed regularly. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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