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    Bad weather: Tornadoes and storms in Tuscany and the North. Two deaths in Lucca and Carrara

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    Elections, Toti:

    A strong wave of bad weather is breaking down on Northern Italy. Two dead in Tuscany due to bad weather, in Lucca and Carrara. In both cases they are people hit by trees during the storms. Tornado in Massa. News of damage for bursts of wind above 140 kilometers per hour and requests for a state of disaster also in Liguria And Emilia Romagnaparticularly in the provinces of Spice, Ferrara And Modena is in the Tigullio.

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    From the morning teams of firefighters in action for fallen treesunsafe branches, static instability, ripped roofs and assistance to motorists in difficulty: over 150 interventions carried out so far. In Liguria a storm brought the cabins from the beaches onto the railway line. Damage also in Ferrara where a crane fell on terraced houses. Tornado on Bondeno. There hailstormthen, it destroyed a series of crops in the Spezzino area.

    Weather alert for another 36 hours. In Lombardy thunderstorms until tomorrow. The Crisis Unit of the Civil Protection Department met in Rome to take stock of the situation on bad weather. “Our system is following with the utmost attention – explained the Head of the Civil Protection Department, Fabrizio Curcio – the bad weather which in the central-northern regions has caused the loss of human lives and considerable damage. We are in contact with the territories involved and the operational structures are ready to give the necessary support “.

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    The two victims were in Sorbano del Giudice, near Lucca, and in the La Malfa park in Carrara. In the first case, 118 reports, the victim is a man, in the other a woman for whom there have been attempts to revive her but she then died. Four other people were injured at Camping Italia in Marina di Massa, again due to falling trees. Three were taken in yellow code to the Apuane hospital while the firefighters are busy freeing a fourth person, given with serious red code, from a caravan. In Camaiore (Lucca), via Italica, yellow code for another person overwhelmed by a tree and taken to the Versilia hospital.

    Are approximately 100 the evacuated people from their homes in the municipalities of Massa (30) and Carrara (70). Civil protection is setting up a shelter for the night in schools and gyms made available by the municipalities. The Tuscany Region reports it about the bad weather this morning.

    “Our Civil Protection machine is intervening in many areas of Tuscany following the strong wave of bad weather with gusts of wind up to 140km / h. The consequences of the bad weather of these hours are serious with injuries and deaths. For this I have activated the procedure for declaring a regional state of emergency as soon as possible and hopefully the national one “. Thus the president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani on Telegram. “I just talked to Fabrizio Curcio, head of the National Civil Protection – he adds -, to join forces in helping the affected populations”. Giani explains that “in the late afternoon a new perturbation is expected on the whole of Tuscany with strong thunderstorms and rain, we must pay maximum attention”.


    Meanwhile theyellow weather alert due to thunderstorms in Liguria, it was extended from 3pm to midnight today throughout the Region. This was communicated by the regional councilor for civil protection Giacomo Giampedrone launching “an appeal to all citizens to be extremely prudent”. “The damage count in progress, we only register some people very slightly injured, no serious injuries or victims, this is the first important data. There are 20 displaced people for uncovered roofs between the municipalities of Cogorno, Chiavari and Lavagna “.

    The gusts of wind on the coast of La Spezia they have passed i 140 kilometers per hour while in Giacopiane in the hinterland of Chiavari they reached 127 kilometers per hour. This was explained by the Regional Councilor for Civil Protection and the Deputy Director of the Environment Department of Civil Protection Elisabetta Trovatore at the headquarters of the Ligurian Civil Protection. “The intensity of the rains was strong but not persistent – said Trovatore -. In the Panesi area in the Municipality of Cogorno in Genoa we recorded the maximum of 20 millimeters of rain in 5 minutes, which is quite a lot. The maximum reached within the hour in Liguria was 36 millimeters. The average wind on the coast of La Spezia was 50 kilometers per hour but with gusts that exceeded 140 kilometers per hour. The same in Framura with gusts of 125 kilometers per hour – he concluded -. In Giacopiane the average wind was 100 kilometers per hour and the gusts reached 127 kilometers per hour “

    Another whirlwind hit Luni, a small town on the border between Liguria and Tuscany. In a video message the deputy mayor of Luni Massimo Marcesini he stressed that the whirlwind, in addition to cutting down trees and uncovering roofs, “caused damage to communications, which were blown and a general electrical blackout. The situation is critical – he said – but the Civil Protection and technicians are already on the field “. The deputy mayor concluded by inviting citizens “not to leave”.

    A violent storm that hit the coast between Chiavari And Sestri Levanteon the Genoa-La Spezia line, has transferred materials and even some cabins from the beaches on the railway line damaging the power line. In Sestri Levante dozens of cars were damaged by hail and tiles flying from the roofs.

    The storm of wind and rain that hit Venice caused the detachment of fragments of bricks from the tower of the bell tower of San Marco. There would be no danger and attempts are being made to ascertain from which point the collapse occurred.


    Damage, from bad weather – due to high intensity rainfall in the afternoon and yesterday evening – also in the Ferrara area. The most serious episodes a Bondeno, hit by a tornado and in the hamlet of Boara in Ferrara where a crane, following the strong wind, collapsed on some houses. There were no injuries, but significant damage to the structures. “A crane – wrote the mayor of Ferrara on his Facebook profile, Alan Fabbri – fell on three terraced houses in Boara. No injuries, rescuers are on site for the evacuation and control of the apartments. Also present was the councilor for civil protection, Nicola Lodi. Ready to find an immediate solution for families “.

    In the Este capital, the wind caused trees to fall on the streets and uncovered some panels and road signs. In the province, inconvenience to traffic due to fallen trees on the roads connecting with the Modenese it’s at Bondeno, hit by a whirlwind with various damage to buildings, even with open roofs, but no damage to people recorded. The past, observes on his Facebook profile the mayor of Bondeno, Simone Saletti was “a long night to cover once again our entire territory deeply affected by an anomalous storm and take stock of the containment of the emergency.

    Source: Ansa

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