Shut in closet for 10 hours, mother away from home

Rushdie, aggressor pleads not guilty again (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PERUGIA, AUGUST 18 – She also reported to the police that she was locked up in a closet for ten hours by her mother who, once out, had beaten her violently but also that the woman had threatened to blow up the entire building in the which they lived: these are some of the elements on the basis of which the agents of a police station in the province of Perugia have executed an order to expel the fifty-two-year-old from the family home, ordered by the investigating judge.

Ill-treatment in the family the alleged crime.

The daughter – a note from the Police Headquarters reads – told the police that since she attended middle school she had suffered violent behavior from her mother, such as insults, threats and violent beatings. According to investigators, the behavior continued over the years, becoming more and more relevant. Like when the fifty-two-year-old – according to the accusation – had come to throw an iron at her daughter and threaten her with death.

The terrified daughter then told the police everything, but refused to file a complaint against her mother. Due to the seriousness of the incidents, the police officers immediately activated the Red Code and at the end of the investigations the precautionary measure was applied. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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