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End of life: Mangialardi, “no more calvari” as ‘Antonio’

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Rushdie, aggressor pleads not guilty again (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ANCONA, AUGUST 18 – “No more similar calvaries, the regional council approves our bill as soon as possible to guarantee certain times and methods on access to the end of life”. Thus the council leader dem Marche Maurizio Mangialardi after the green light Asur Marche for the drug that will allow ‘Antonio’, a 44-year-old quadriplegic from the Marche region, to start the medically assisted suicide procedure.

“Antonio won his battle. – says Mangialardi – After almost two years, thanks also to the strong support of the Luca Coscioni Association, he managed to assert his right to access medically assisted suicide in the manner sanctioned by the sentence 242/2019 of the Constitutional Court and now he will be able to freely give course to the will to put an end to his sufferings in a serene way, with the comfort of his loved ones at his side “. “Despite the favorable outcome of the process – he adds – it is really difficult not to stigmatize the behavior of the Acquaroli junta and the regional health service which, as happened previously in the cases of Federico Carboni and Fabio Ridolfi, hindered Antonio’s will in every way despite the fact that the Ethics Committee had recognized all the requisites envisaged by the aforementioned sentence “.

“I reiterate that this cruel fury of the right, which does not hesitate to play with the life and pain of citizens, – Mangialardi attacks – is no longer acceptable in the face of legal provisions that currently allow access to the end of life for certain categories For this reason, I hope that the Regional Council will discuss and approve as soon as possible the bill drawn up by the Coscioni Association and presented by the Pd Assembly Group to identify certain times in the administrative procedure of those who ask to resort to medically assisted suicide . The objective is to guarantee the enforceability of this right in a period of 20 days, compared to the approximately two years that are needed today, thus avoiding that the personal ideological convictions of those who govern the Region can represent a brake on the application. of the law “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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