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Fires: night of fire around Palermo, evacuated residents

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Ansa Live at 8 (ANSA)

(ANSA) – PALERMO, AUGUST 19 – Residents evacuated during the night in the hills around Palermo due to several fires that threatened villas and homes. A long night of fire between Poggi Ridente, Poggio San Francesco and again in the Nuovo, in the areas of Boccadifalco and Borgo near the Bellolampo landfill. Even the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla invited the inhabitants to keep the windows closed due to the black cloud that covered these neighborhoods. In Poggio Ridente, a residential area that dominates the capital, some villas have been evacuated. Then, after the intervention of the fire and forestry, the residents returned to their homes. Ash and strong smell of burning even in the city center. This morning the flames broke out again on Monte Grifone. The air vehicles should intervene, which already yesterday worked for hours throughout the day in various municipalities in the province. During the night the A19 was also closed again, between Termini and Trabia, due to several fires set in the area after long queues of a few kilometers formed at the entrance to the motorway from Palermo due to a fire in the area of ​​via Giafar. “Fires everywhere.

Contrada Cortevecchia, Contrada Pistavecchia, Contrada Bragone, Rocca Rossa – Ozanam. We are all out to support the citizens, with fire just a few steps away from us. A nightmare, with calls that ran after each other and that always signaled us new principles of fires in always different areas – writes the mayor of Termini Imerese Maria Terranova – We activated the Advanced Operational Center: an operations center that I wanted to set up directly on the places affected by the fires.

Fortunately there were no injuries, but Sicily is burning and at the hands of ignoble criminals in a system that is increasingly difficult to react. We are very tired “. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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