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Rome: shock video of Ruberti, the head of the Cabinet resigns

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A violent quarrel in Frosinone, with screams and threats, saw as the protagonist Albino Ruberti, head of the cabinet of the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri. “I’ll kill them … They have to come and apologize for what they asked me … They don’t tell me ‘I’ll buy you'”. And again “I’ll give five minutes for you to come and apologize on your knees. If they have to kneel in front of you. The video sparked a storm of controversy, and in the morning Ruberti resigned.

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Stealing in the video, published by the Foglio, would be lashing out at a certain Vladimiro and a certain Adriano. Among the witnesses, as reported by the newspaper, there is also Francesco De Angelis, former regional councilor and former MEP of the Democratic Party, now a candidate in the next political elections for the dem. De Angelis, with an email sent to the Nazarene, withdrew his candidacy to the Chamber following the video. De Angelis’ brother, Vladimiro, would in fact be the man with whom Ruberti discusses in the video. The former councilor was in fact at the dinner where everything was unleashed and he would also have witnessed the threats. According to the sources, the withdrawal of De Angelis took place to avoid exploitation, underlining that that of the Frosinone dem exponent was practically “not in an eligible position, but in service”. Because De Angelis was on the list in Rome when his school of reference is the Ciociaria one.

Sara Battisti, regional councilor of the Democratic Party, originally from Frosinone, as well as the companion of the head of the cabinet of the Municipality of Rome, assists in the dispute without success. the consequences….”. The video ends with a background scream of “oh my God” from a woman. Contacted by the Foglio, Gualtieri’s right-hand man says: “It is a quarrel for football reasons, which happened about two months ago in Frosinone with a third person, whom I do not want to mention, at the end of a dinner. Vladimiro was also present at the scene. and Francesco De Angelis with whom I have excellent relations. Nothing more “.

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The Democratic Party: “The episode will not remain without consequences”
“The Ruberti case revealed by the sheet? A very serious episode that cannot remain without consequences”. Thus sources of the Nazarene have stigmatized the episode, which subsequently led to the resignation of the head of the cabinet.

Calenda: “This is the sweet ambience of the Roman Democratic Party”
“This is the gentle ambience of the Roman Democratic Party. Gualtieri’s head of cabinet, formerly Zingaretti’s head of cabinet who” administers “power. If it had happened to us, the Republic would have opened the newspaper for us”. Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, comments with a tweet on the story of Albino Ruberti, revealed by the Foglio with a video.

M5s: “Ruberti resigns”
“‘I’ll shoot you’, ‘I’ll kill you’, ‘kneel down’, ‘ask for mercy”. Unfortunately this time it is not a dialogue from Romanzo Criminale but are just some of the expressions used by the head of the cabinet of the mayor of the capital of Italy during a disturbing altercation that took place in Frosinone, taken by a video camera and published by the newspaper ‘il Foglio ‘. Everything would have taken place in the presence of other leading exponents of the Democratic Party who today should feel the duty to explain the contours of this affair. Without turning around, the councilors of the 5 Star Movement and the Virginia Raggi Civic List ask Mayor Gualtieri two things: the immediate resignation of those who use ‘gangster’ expressions and attitudes, especially since it is his Chief of Cabinet, as well as the clarification of the story from which other threats and alleged requests that occurred during a dinner seem to emerge “. Thus in a note, the Five Star Movement and the Virginia Raggi civic list in the Capitol.” After having to endure that Mr. ‘Lei does not know who I am I ‘, famous phrase always pronounced by the same character at the time still Head of Cabinet of the President of the Lazio region, Zingaretti, to the agents of the Local Police of Rome who had surprised him at a dinner on the terrace with friends while the rest of the Italians were forced at home alone for the lockdown, entered the Capitol to manage the city, today it is no longer possible to turn a blind eye – the councilors add -. We are sure that the mayor Gualtieri, as a polite person as he is, will want to immediately remove this person from himself and from the Roman administration. The limit of decency has been exceeded and if Gualtieri covered up this destruction he would be complicit in a serious offense to the city “.

Source: Ansa

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