Child killed by a car, investigating judge: ‘Investigated without humanity and mercy’

Nour Amdouni, the young man arrested for having run over and killed an eleven-year-old child in Milan on 9 August, proved to be “totally devoid of humanity and mercy on the occasion of the accident”. So writes the investigating judge Fiammetta Modica in the precautionary custody order that led him to prison after a few days in which he had been investigated on the loose. The young man, drugged and without a license, had turned up for a few hours but further investigations by local police officers highlighted his danger. Hence the prison.

The local police of Milan Nour Amdouni, the twenty-year-old who on 9 August hit and killed Mahanad Moubarak, a 12-year-old child who was passing by bike in via Bartolini, was arrested by the local police of Milan. At the time he had gone away without even braking, only to turn himself in a few hours later. Amdouni, explains the Prosecutor’s Office, drove without a license, which he had never taken, was under the influence of drugs (thc) and had “his left leg in plaster”. He is accused of street murder with the aggravating circumstance of escape.

Amdouni, explained by the Prosecutor’s Office, was going at a speed “not less than 90 kilometers per hour” in an area where the limit is 50, in via Bartolini, when he hit Mahanad who was coming from the opposite direction. And not only did he not stop to help him, but he escaped “without slowing down” aboard the Smart with a Swiss license plate, registered to a Swiss company, “now seriously damaged”. The car was found shortly after. Amdouni had turned up at the polstrada in the following hours saying that he had run away because he was panicked. According to the prosecutor, however, he had shown an “alarming coldness” and “lucidity” “without even caring in the least – only out of human pity – about the boy’s fate” and this denotes a “high social danger” and “inability to control self”. And he was constituted by calculation: since time had passed, he could not be arrested in flagrant status and by constituting himself he avoided a detention order. Hence the request for pre-trial detention in prison proportionate “to the extreme gravity of the facts”.

Source: Ansa

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