Disabled people discriminated against in Poste. Association: ‘Now it is cruelty’

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“Before mocked, humiliated And invited to leave, now fury and cruelty. It happens to one deaf lady from 76 years old“in an office of the Italian post in Pescara. The president of the association determined wheelchairs writes it Claudio Ferrantee the president of the association Accessibility & events deaf Aps Donatella Ruggieri recalling the first episode of July, when the lady went to the post office of which she has been a customer since 1982 to collect the disability pensionbut she was “invited to leave with a very unwelcome gesture of her hands. The clerk, despite the protective plexiglass barriers, did not want to lower her mask to make people understand what was communicated through lip reading “.

“Following our public complaint – Ferrante says in a note – Poste Italiane apologizes for the incident and we are summoned by the director of the post office and by the provincial manager of the technical and operational management. We are informed that internal checks have been started to ascertain responsibility and any measures. We had been reassured about the resolution of the case for the lady and for all the deaf people and in that circumstance we had given transparent masks for all the employees. The lady, however, a few days ago suffers a new very serious discrimination: a ‘other employee does not lower the mask, although in the past, even in the emergency phase of Covid, everyone had lowered the mask to allow lip reading. Friday 12 August we meet again the managers who, with education and sensitivity, welcome us, but despite the their commitment told us that they could not guarantee equals op portunity to the deaf lady because the office workers claimed the right to safety and that therefore in the future they would not have lowered their masks and would not even wear the transparent ones, even if only for a few seconds “.

Source: Ansa

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