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Bad weather, thunderstorms in Tuscany during the night. Hail in Arezzo

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(ANSA) – FLORENCE, AUGUST 19 – Cloudbursts, last night, in many areas of Tuscany. A violent storm hit Arezzo and the entire provincial territory with hail and strong gusts of wind. The storm caused flooding, detachment of tiles and uprooting of plants with dozens of calls to the fire brigade. In Val Tiberina entire tobacco fields were destroyed, in Val di Chiana heavy damage still to be quantified to crops, in particular to orchards.

Problems also in the Empolese area (in particular in the Val d’Elsa area), in the Sienese area (in Siena, work to secure the trees in viale Sardegna, an important city artery) and in some areas of the province of Lucca: in Capannori (Lucca ) there was a hailstorm with pieces of ice up to 4 centimeters in diameter. In Viareggio (Lucca), in the Pineta di Ponente, a tree has fallen. Heavy rain in Florence, especially after 11pm, just during the outflow of fans after the first leg of the Fiorentina-Twente Conference League playoffs. There were also some floods in the Lotto Zero and Gentileschi underpasses and in via dell’Argingrosso: civil protection has been in place since yesterday with 40 volunteers employed with 18 teams. From the storm on Thursday morning, a total of 30 mm of rain fell, concentrated in a few hours, with gusts of wind up to 90 km / h.

Fenced public parks and gardens remain closed, so the Cascine stop of line 1 of the tramway is suspended.

In the morning there are thunderstorms scattered over the sea in front of the coast. As specified by the president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani, on Telegram, “the repairs by Enel went on all night and on more than 27,000 users without electricity, 21,500 were reactivated: the operators are working on the remaining ones”. The yellow alert on Tuscany remains, for now, until 20 today.


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