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Rome: shock video Ruberti, head of the Cabinet in the storm

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 19 – A violent quarrel in Frosinone, with screams and threats, saw as protagonist Albino Ruberti, head of the cabinet of the mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri. “I’ll kill them … They have to come and apologize for what they asked me … They don’t tell me ‘I’ll buy you'” And again “I give five minutes to come and apologize on your knees. Kneel in front. Otherwise I will write to everyone what these pieces of … they told me … I will shoot them, I will kill them “.

Stealing in the video, published by the Foglio, would be lashing out at a certain Vladimiro and a certain Adriano. Among the witnesses, as reported by the newspaper, there is also Francesco De Angelis, former regional councilor and former MEP of the Democratic Party, now a candidate in the next political elections for the dem. Sara Battisti, regional councilor of the Democratic Party, originally from Frosinone, and companion of the head of the cabinet of the Municipality of Rome, who in the video can hear him trying to appease him and he replies: “Sara if you are on their side I will take the consequences….”. The video ends with a background scream of “oh my God” from a woman.

Immediate reply of the Democratic Party. “A very serious episode – say sources of the Nazarene – which cannot remain without consequences”. The 5 Star Movement and the Capitoline councilors of the Virginia Raggi list ask Mayor Gualtieri for the “immediate resignation of those who use ‘gangster’ expressions and attitudes” as well as “the clarification of the affair from which other threats and alleged requests that occurred during a dinner seem to emerge” .

“This is the gentle ambience of the Roman Democratic Party – the comment of Carlo Calenda -. The head of cabinet of Gualtieri, former head of the cabinet of Zingaretti who ‘administers’ power. If it had happened to us, the Republic would have opened the newspaper”.


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Source: Ansa

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