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He tries to retrieve his girlfriend’s cell phone, falls on a cliff

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Tuscan tourists:

(ANSA) – ASIAGO, AUGUST 20 – A 30-year-old hiker, residing in the province of Rovigo, died in the early afternoon falling for a hundred meters from a massif in the Val d’Astico, in Rotzo, on the Asiago plateau ( Vicenza). According to an initial reconstruction, it seems that the young man was trying to retrieve a cell phone, which had fallen to his girlfriend, when he leaned over the precipice, losing his balance and ending up in a ravine.

The two were located near the spur “Altar Knotto”, a rock formation from which you have a view of the underlying Val D’Astico. when he lost his balance and flew into the void. To give the alarm, in shock, was the girlfriend who alerted the police. The searches, which involved firefighters, Alpine Rescue and Suem 118, then made it possible to recover the body.

The carabinieri who are investigating the causes of the accident are also on site. The coroner is now awaited at the scene of the tragedy to ascertain the death, which occurred instantly. The body will then be recovered and transported to the Asiago hospital. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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