School, from September 1st the professors No vax return to class

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From the first of September next, the vaccination obligations for the entire school staff will lapse and therefore the No vax teachers will return to the chair, as well as the janitors and administrators, who have chosen not to receive the serum. This is what emerges from a note for the standard anti-Covid prevention measures, sent yesterday by the Ministry of Education to all schools, from kindergartens to high schools.
The note, writes ‘Il Messaggero’, contains the indications to start the school year, which starts in a dozen days, to then welcome the students into the classroom on September 15 and is based on the guidelines already dictated by the Higher Institute of health care in early August.
The legislation on immunization was included in those inserted for the fight against the emergency and, in the note, the dicastery of viale Trastevere explains that “from the reconstruction carried out so far it is clear that the aforementioned emergency provisions, at the date of writing (19 August 2022) in force in schools, expire their validity as of August 31, 2022 and in the absence of further specific extensions or renewals, they do not extend their effects into the next school year 2022/2023 “.
For the rest, the rules remain in force such as the ban on entering school facilities with flu symptoms or with a fever above 37.5 degrees. In addition, schools will sanitize both ordinary and extraordinary classes, in the presence of one or more cases of positivity, and arrange frequent air changes.

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