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In skates on the A / 10, ‘I was following navigator’

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On the motorway on skates: fined by the Police (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 21 – “I was just following the directions of the satellite navigator”. This is how a person, presumably a young woman, stopped last night while traveling in roller skates the A / 10 that connects Ventimiglia to Genoa was justified with the agents of the Stradale.

The police were alerted by the reports received by the operations center from some motorists who signaled the presence of the person with skates in the lane.

Two patrols of the Imperia subsection were hijacked on the spot and worked in synergy, one slowing down the vehicles coming from behind, the other to intercept the person who was then safely blocked in a parking lot where he was directed.

The person stopped, when asked for explanations by the police, candidly admitted that he was “only” following the directions of his satellite navigator, which had indicated that highway route as the shortest way to follow to reach the place where he was soon. direct. For the person, a fine and a report to the civil motorization have been issued if he intends to take a driving license.


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Source: Ansa

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