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Martial arts champion blocks drunks molesting 2 girls

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Pietro Grasso:

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUG 21 – He saw two drunks harassing two girls heavily this morning just before 10 in Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci in Milan and he intervened to defend them. This is told by Bruno Danovaro himself, a martial arts champion who lives in the area.

“I went to get the newspaper when I saw those two boys reaching out their hands. I took them and took them off the girls enough to allow them to leave” he explains that in April 2020, as a volunteer in the transport of medicines, he defended himself from an attempted robbery with a knife by sending three criminals to the hospital, who evidently did not know about his resume as a judo champion, then boxing and karate, and jujitsu with 113 matches in a row won.

“In that case there was a knife involved. This time I just blocked them. I don’t want to pass for executioner – he is keen to clarify – I’m not and I don’t want to replace the public force. But it’s a disaster. There is a baby gang in the area, there are three or four drug dealers who now live in the square, day and night. The situation is becoming difficult “especially now that the Politecnico di Milano, which has its headquarters in the square,” is closed, as is the nearby school “.

“The police are there and they do their duty” but they cannot always pass at the exact moment in which things happen, adds Danovaro, who after blocking the two drunks, two black boys of about 25, photographed them and then, with a sore shoulder, he went to report to the Città Studi police station. “It must not become a Far West, we are not in America – he concludes – but this is not a good business card for Milan”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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