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Migrants missing in the Ventimiglia woods, rescued by helicopter

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(ANSA) – VENTIMIGLIA, 22 AUG – A group of migrants who had got lost in the woods on the heights of Ventimiglia, not far from the border with France, was rescued by the firefighters, who intervened with the Drago 66 helicopter of the flight department of Turin. Two injured foreigners were treated in hospital.

The aircraft stationed in Genoa could not intervene, as it was engaged in another recovery in the Savona area.

Rescuers located them and subsequently also mobilized ground teams for recovery. It seems that the original party was made up of seven migrants trying to cross the border, but some have moved away, preferring to give up on aid. The others were transferred by helicopter to Baia Benjamin, in Ventimiglia, where the medical staff were waiting for them.


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Source: Ansa

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