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He leaves the creator and curator of the “bunkerino” of Falcone-Borsellino

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Cagliari, fire near the station and houses extinguished by the fire brigade (ANSA)

by Giovanni Franco

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“I lived in this place for 42 years, I met extraordinary people, I risked dying, I recovered putting aside the many disappointments I had to swallow. And I never said I don’t think it’s time for me to retire My dream was that when I died or just before I died they would take me there for a last farewell, but in the light of the latest events I must confess that now I hate him and I don’t want to hear about him anymore. It was and will always remain the palace of poisons“. It is the outburst of Giovanni Paparcuri guide and curator of what is called the bunkerino built in the Palazzo di Giustizia by the district council of the national magistrates association of Palermo dedicated to the memory of Giovanni Falcone and of Paolo Borsellino.

“The work aims to create a permanent place of memory addressed not only to professionals, but to the entire community and in particular to the younger generations”. It was opened to the public on May 24, 2016.

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“Crucial for its realization was the contribution of Giovanni Paparcuri, extraordinary collaborator of the two magistrates and inventor of the computerization, at the revolutionary time, of the maxi-trial, who miraculously escaped the attack of 29 July 1983 in Via Pipitone Federico in Palermo, in which the Instructor Advisor lost his life Rocco Chinnicithe Marshal Transfers and the appointee Bartolotta of the Carabinieri, as well as the goalkeeper of the building Stefano Li Sacchi“, underlines the Anm.

What is considered a sort of historical memory of those terrible years is embittered: “I write because I have a moral duty to explain to the many people who in these days – he says in a post readable only for his Facebook friends – have come to the bunker. and disappointed they did not find me, the reason why I do not go there anymore. I write because I cannot let others justify my absence. I write because the messages I receive are of the same tenor as the one I share. Gentlemen, thanks for the messages , but you do not have to come for me, but for them. I will no longer be there, but I want to clarify that it is not a surrender, it costs me a lot to abandon, but I repeat that it is not a surrender, but I have to do it, because I am tired “.

In the bunkerino those three rooms are reconstituted as they were in that period, relocating the furniture and furnishings of the time, recovered not without difficulty, equipping them with various personal objects that Giovanni and Paolo used in their endless days spent at work, “in which the the complexity and delicacy of the investigations, conducted with exceptional professionalism, was combined with moments of authentic goliardia, marked by the subtle irony of Giovanni and the sagacious jokes of Paolo “, observes the Anm.

“Entering those rooms there is a strong emotion, there is a clear feeling that they are still with us and that they must return to those offices at any moment, to continue writing other extraordinary pages of the judicial history of this country”.

Source: Ansa

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