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Gunshots against Deputy Fi secretariat glass window

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Elections, Calenda:

(ANSA) – REGGIO CALABRIA, AUGUST 23 – Three .38 caliber pistol shots were fired by unidentified people in Reggio Calabria on the window of the political secretariat of Francesco Cannizzaro, Forza Italia deputy re-nominated in the political elections of September 25th. The intimidation took place in the evening in an area not far from the headquarters of the Regional Council of Calabria. Inside the premises a political meeting was taking place in which Cannizzaro himself and some of his collaborators were participating. None of the people present were injured. The police officers and forensics intervened on the spot.

Investigators are trying to reconstruct the dynamics of the shooting. From what has been learned, it was the same parliamentarian who warned the police about the incident. The bullets remained stuck on the glass window which was not armored but only reinforced, and this still prevented the gunshots from reaching the inside of the room.

The prosecutor on duty was informed of the incident and entrusted the investigation to the mobile team, but it is not excluded that the prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri decides to entrust the file to the DDA. The police are gathering elements to understand if the intimidation is linked to the electoral campaign. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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