Suicide threat and carabiniera saves her, ‘your life is precious’

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(ANSA) – NAPLES, AUGUST 24 – “Life is too precious a good, don’t waste it on a man who is humiliating you”. She managed to steal the attention and the gaze of the suicidal aspirant, Sonia Cannistraci, the Sicilian carabiniera who last night in San Giorgio a Cremano, in the province of Naples, used all her sensitivity as a woman and as a military man. to dissuade a 49-year-old woman from throwing herself into the void from a balcony, after the umpteenth beatings of her partner who was then arrested by the military. Sonia is 30 years old and for almost four years she has been part of the big family in the carabinieri.

“She didn’t even want to look at me, – says Sonia – she already had one leg out of the railing but luckily I was able to establish a contact, even visual, with her. When I realized that there was empathy between us, I told her that life is too precious a commodity to waste it on a man who was only humiliating it. It was then – she says excitedly – that I understood that she had decided to listen to me and to give up “.

“The most difficult thing was to get in tune with her and with her suffering – reiterates the carabiniera of San Giorgio a Cremano – she did not look at me, she was in a grip of anger and panic.

Luckily I was able to make myself heard and from that moment on, my only goal was to make her understand that it wasn’t worth it. “The 49-year-old had already suffered violence in the past, but never had the strength to report it:” Our invitation goes exactly in the opposite direction – underlines Sonia – it is absolutely necessary to denounce to put an end to the ordeal “. (ANSA).

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