Drought: relief for the Po, but the situation remains critical

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(ANSA) – BOLOGNA, AUGUST 24 – Although the rains of recent weeks have brought some relief, the situation of the Po remains critical: the red alert has been confirmed by monitoring the Observatory on the river, which means an overall scenario of still high severity.

The previous deficit, accumulated over several months without precipitation, has in fact created an almost unbridgeable differential or in any case completely insufficient to compensate, within the year, the average available quotas of water: the benefits in the aftermath of the storms of the past few days have quickly become out of stock.

The recordings in the various detection stations along the Great River auction still project a partially regenerated picture, especially if we consider that the irrigation harvesting season is rapidly drawing to a close also with the early harvesting of some crops such as, for for example, that of the tomato.

In Pontelagoscuro (Ferrara), for example, at the end of July the altitude did not exceed 114 mc / s, while it stood at 540 mc / s immediately after the last rains and is now stationed fairly stably around 400 mc / s, a fairly significant figure. and which allows to drastically reduce the rise of brackish waters. The saline wedge at the mouth has gone from 38-40 km at the end of July to the current 16-18 km verified by Arpae on the Po di Pila and to 18-20 on the Po di Goro. Recent rainfall has also brought relief to the great Alpine lakes.

The 14th session of the Observatory was chaired by the new general secretary of the Po authority Alessandro Bratti, who reiterated the usefulness and importance of this method of comparison which brings together over seventy realities including local authorities, agencies and stakeholders. of interest. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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