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Weather: thunderstorms arrive but summer is not over

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Mole denounces Twitter:

Thunderstorms and hail are coming, but summer is not over. A cyclone from the Balkans is pushing unstable air towards the south and part of the central regions with even intense thunderstorms, during the weekend the Atlantic door will open and rains and thunderstorms could arrive from France, especially towards the North.

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Summer seems to suffer a setback, thunderstorms will be more frequent but next week could be much better, pleasant and sunny from North to South.
Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the site www.iLMeteo.it, indicates the possibility of strong thunderstorms in the South in the next few hours, due to the very warm sea, up to 27/28 ° C and the convergence of winds, especially around the Strait of Messina and northern Sicily. Even in Calabria possible storms, up to southern Basilicata, the Metaponto. The Center will insist on a certain instability on Abruzzo, Molise and Lower Lazio, other showers are not excluded between Puglia and Campania while in the North and the rest of the Center the weather will be excellent, albeit gradually warmer during the day. In the south, intense thunderstorms are expected between Calabria and eastern Sicily due to the presence of a cyclone in the southern Balkans which will slowly move towards Greece. From tomorrow less widespread and more concentrated showers close to the mountains, while the weekend will see an improvement in the South.
In detail:

Wednesday 24. In the North: good weather and pleasant heat. In the Center: partly cloudy sky, some thickening over Lazio. In the South: still storms, especially in Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.

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Thursday 25. In the North: from the afternoon thunderstorms on the reliefs of the Triveneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the Center: a bit unstable on the lower Lazio. In the South: thunderstorms in Calabria, less likely elsewhere.

Friday 26. In the North: sunny and warm but with afternoon thunderstorms. Center: partly cloudy sky with afternoon thunderstorms close to the hills. In the South: slight improvement with some residual downpours, especially in inland areas.

Source: Ansa

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