Amatrice, the earthquake 6 years ago. “A construction site in motion”

Theft gang in Tuscany and Switzerland, 2 arrested and 8 searched (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 24 – “A construction site, finally moving”. Words of Monsignor Domenico Pompili, bishop of Rieti, which seem to define the coordinates for the future of Amatrice and which arrive on the day when the six years since the earthquake which, in fact, razed it to the ground. A day dedicated to remembrance but also an opportunity to take stock of the reconstruction, the rebirth of a severely hit territory. The earthquake caused 299 victims in central Italy: 237 in Amatrice, 51 in Arquata (almost all in the Pescara hamlet) and 11 in Accumoli. In the course of his homily, Pompili stated that in Amatrice “at first sight, everything seems to stop at the snapshot of the tower that stands isolated in the middle of the desert” but if “you look more carefully”, you discover that “there are cranes scattered here and there. To see, therefore, you have to come: now is the time for reconstruction, but to get to that of real regeneration, you need to come, both public and private, both the state and civil society “. Although slowly, with great effort, the main construction sites – the Don Minozzi orphanage, the sub-service tunnel in the historic center and the hospital – are making progress. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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