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Intimidation of deputy Fi: shared investigations Prosecutor-Dda

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Earthquake, Monsignor Pompili:

(ANSA) – REGGIO CALABRIA, AUGUST 24 – The investigations relating to the intimidation of the outgoing deputy of Fi and re-nominated in the next elections Francesco Cannizzaro will be conducted jointly by the Ordinary Prosecutor of Reggio Calabria and Dda. Unknown fired three gunshots against the window of his political secretariat while a meeting was in progress inside. This was established by the prosecutor of Reggio Calabria Giovanni Bombardieri, who is personally following the developments. Even if the file is on the desk of the ordinary public prosecutor, entrusted to the prosecutor on duty Marco De Pasquale, the chief prosecutor has arranged a coordination shared with the deputy of the Dda Walter Ignazitto, waiting to assess whether there are elements to assign the case to the District Anti-Mafia Directorate.

Meanwhile, staff of the mobile squad and Digos of Reggio Calabria have heard for several hours the deputy of Forza Italia Francesco Cannizzaro and his collaborators. According to what transpires, the deputy would not explain such a gesture in the middle of the electoral campaign. Investigators are sifting through not only the last period to see if anyone could have resentments towards Cannizzaro. At the moment, the investigators do not exclude any hypothesis, and are looking both in the present and in the past, for elements that may lead to hypothesize a motive and hence the authors of the gesture. The investigators also heard all the subjects who were in the vicinity of via Quartiere militare, in the vicinity of the Regional Council, when the gunshots were fired, two of which were stuck in the reinforced glass of the secretariat. According to what emerged from the findings of the scientific police, one of the .38 caliber bullets managed to overcome the glass window, which was not armored, but immediately lost power and did not cause damage. Fortunately, none of the people inside the secretariat were injured.

Investigators are also viewing footage from Regional Council cameras and, just this morning, are capturing videos from private cameras that could provide more details. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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