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18-month-old boy in respiratory crisis saved in Budelli

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Elections, Salvini:

(ANSA) – LA MADDALENA, AUG 25 – He went into respiratory crisis while his mother was holding him and risked dying, only thanks to the timely intervention of the Coast Guard of La Maddalena who also coordinated the arrival of the 118 and the helicopter rescue, the holiday in Sardinia for a family from Rome did not end in tragedy: the one and a half year old baby was saved and is currently hospitalized in Olbia.

The episode took place in the late morning of today on the Island of Budelli. The family of tourists was in the Cavaliere beach when the little one accused the respiratory problems. The alarm went off immediately. The Port Authority of La Maddalena sent the Cp 870 patrol boat with on board the 118 doctors and the fast boat of the Coast Guard Gc Alfa 70. A coordinated intervention in detail and, while the doctors stabilized the child, the helicopter it landed in a safe place. The child was transferred to the fast boat of the Coast Guard which in a very short time reached the beach and entrusted to the helicopter rescue doctors the child who, together with his mother, was transported to the hospital in Olbia.

From what we now learn, he is out of danger. A rubber boat belonging to the National Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena also took part in the rescue operations.


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Source: Ansa

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