He kidnaps and threatens his companion at home, arrested


(ANSA) – VICENZA, AUG 26 – A 39-year-old was arrested by the carabinieri for having kidnapped and segregated a woman with whom he had a romantic relationship at home. The suspect, Manuel Pando, 39, a Peruvian citizen, had in fact kidnapped his 36-year-old companion from his home in Arzignano (Vicenza), apparently for reasons of jealousy, preventing her, under the threat of kitchen knives, not only from going out but also to move freely inside the accommodation for drinking or for other physiological needs. But the victim, who arrived in Italy from Romania a few months ago, still managed to communicate with the outside world, alerting a friend, who immediately alerted the police. To put an end to the situation, the carabinieri from the Arzignano station (Vicenza) who arrived on the spot heard the screams of the woman. The military knocked on the door, but in the meantime the crying woman who had managed to escape from the house came to meet them. The Peruvian was thus arrested for kidnapping, aggravated threat, injuries and illicit dissemination of sexual images, which the man possessed after a relationship that took place between the two in the previous months. The suspect, brother of the owner of the house, where the victim had found work as a housekeeper, ended up in prison. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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