Chef complains, in the kitchen for 200 euros a month

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(by Rosanna Codino) Eighty hours a week for a maximum of 200 euros a month: to tell what lies, far from the lights of the talents, behind the work of the future rising stars of the kitchen is Yuri Zaupa, 23 years old, by Cornedo Vicentino. She had the courage to write a long post on Facebook in which she recounts the bitter experience of a young man who decided to make the choice of life about being in the kitchen.

He explains that he was paid for his work from January to June 2022 in the first venue built in northern Italy entirely with recycled containers. 100-200 euros per month. When he asked to be put in order, according to his words, the owner replied that “young people must be exploited”.

Now Yuri is ready to sue and has decided not to give up, if only to contradict the chef’s words with facts Alessandro Borghese, who had complained about the little desire to sacrifice the new promises of haute cuisine. “Borghese saw us for a long time: young people do not want to work – the young man ironically comments in his post – and, after this experience, I have certainly lost some”. There are dozens of people who in these hours, reading his story online, are inviting him not to abandon.

“The same passion that blinded me for 6 months without a paycheck led me to look for work elsewhere – he observes -. Imagine the owner’s face when I announced my departure: he felt betrayed, taken for a ride, claiming that young people are unreliable “. The owner would have expressed himself unequivocally: “young people must be exploitedI have never taken more than 1,200 euros a month – concludes Yuri referring the dialogue – so you won’t take them either, your skills don’t matter “.

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