Model convicted of sexual assault in Switzerland

Elections, Anita Likmeta:

He was arrested in Switzerland and sentenced to five years in prison for sexual assault. He is now in prison Leoluca Granata, 20 years old, of Maranello (Modena), with a past as a model and participant in an episode of the television program ‘Men and women’. Her parents, however, are convinced of her innocence and launch an appeal through the pages of the Modenese edition of the Resto del Carlino.

The episode in question dates back to September 26, when, in Lugano, Leoluca Granata, with two other friends, met a girl at the exit of a nightclub. The girl agreed to go up to the three boys’ house. At this point the versions of the facts diverge.

“It was a consenting relationship – say the parents of the young man from Modena – our son is innocent, a long series of contradictions emerged in the course of the investigations”. According to Granata, in fact, the sexual relations he had with the girl, and also filmed in some videos, would have been totally consenting.
According to the girl, however, the three young people would have forced her into repeated intercourse against her will. The Swiss court considered the elements in her possession sufficient to sentence Granata to five years and the two friends at 27 and 30 months.

Source: Ansa

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